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Our endeavour aims to bridge the gap between financial resources and the weaker sections of the society. We help banks and other credit lenders to form a risk free loan portfolio. Our presence in the field and Artificial intelligence tools enable us to assist our customers, who include both borrowers and lenders such as banks and other financial institutions, in smoothing the financial inclusion process. We want credit to be used to create assets rather than liabilities

  • Lower Costs and Increase Efficiency
  • Realize the full potential of Information Technology

AFIML solutions offer several benefits

Businesses from all industry verticals can effortlessly choose us as their intelligent automation company for bespoke and robust robotic automation process-based solutions and services.

Financial Inclusion

Microfinance fintech solutions help bridge the gap in financial services for the unbanked and underbanked populations. These solutions provide access to financial products and services, such as loans, savings accounts, and insurance, to individuals and small businesses who have traditionally been excluded from the formal banking sector.

Easy Access and Convenience

Our solutions leverage digital technology to provide easy access to financial services. Through mobile applications and online platforms, users can conveniently access and manage their accounts, apply for loans, make payments, and conduct other financial transactions anytime and anywhere, without the need for physical branches or paperwork.

Lower Costs

Microfinance solutions often have lower operating costs compared to traditional banking methods. By leveraging technology and automation, fintech platforms can streamline processes, reduce administrative overhead, and pass on these cost savings to users in the form of lower interest rates, fees, and minimum balance requirements.

Faster and Simplified Loan Approval

Our Software platforms use innovative algorithms and data analytics to assess creditworthiness and make loan approval decisions more quickly. This enables faster disbursement of funds, which is particularly important for individuals and businesses in need of immediate financial assistance.

Improved Risk Management

AFIML solutions employ advanced data analytics and machine learning algorithms to assess credit risk and make informed lending decisions. By analyzing various data points, including transaction history, social media activity, and alternative credit scoring models, a platforms that can better evaluate the creditworthiness of individuals and small businesses, thus reducing the risk of default.

Financial Literacy and Empowerment

Many microfinance fintech solutions incorporate financial education and literacy programs within their platforms. Through tutorials, interactive tools, and personalized recommendations, these solutions help users understand financial concepts, develop budgeting skills, and make informed decisions regarding their finances, thereby promoting financial empowerment.

Entrepreneurship and Economic Development

AFIML solutions play a crucial role in supporting entrepreneurship and economic development. By providing access to capital, these solutions enable aspiring entrepreneurs to start or expand their businesses, leading to job creation, income generation, and economic growth at the grassroots level.

Data-Driven Insights

Fintech platforms generate a vast amount of data on user behavior, financial transactions, and credit histories. This data can be analyzed to derive valuable insights, which can be used to improve financial products and services, develop targeted marketing campaigns, and make data-driven policy decisions to address the needs of underserved populations.

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“We provide fintech software development services to optimize financial practices to provide operational efficiency, data security, reduce processing time, & maximize ROI. Our data-driven Banking & financial solutions offer in-depth Insights to Help You make better business-critical decisions”


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