AFIML is India based Strategic Micro Finance Lending Company serving the MF Industry with objective to fulfil the purpose of Financial Inclusion to BOP segment. M-FinTech Platform along with our unique Product JLG+ is breakthrough innovative concept which helps us to deploy credit in a secured way. It offers sustainable risk free lending to Bank and long term financial back up to the Businesses. Through this Platform we assure NO Over Due or NPA in the Books of our Clients.

Our M-FinTech Platform aims at bridging the gap between Financial Sources & the needy section. We help Banks & other credit lenders to form a Risk Free Loan Portfolio with our Unique Processes & AI enabled Platform. M-FinTech Platform not only supports Lending micro credits but to create entrepreneurs and supported them to succeed in business though inbuilt EDP Module.

Lending and Recovery of Unsecured Loans is the Key Area of Pain for any Bank. Yes we have solved this..!

M-FinTech Platform provide a Secured way to manage the Unsecured Loans to Co-Operative Banks and Societies.
M-FinTech Platform is managing a Portfolio of Unsecured Loans over 250cr in which we do not have any Default of Payment or NPA.
M-FinTech Platform the only in India to monitor & control the complete Micro Credit Process along with the Credit Beareau Authentication.
M-FinTech Platform not only stategise for the disbursement process but also work with Businesses for their Scalability through EDP Module.
End to End Control of the Micro Credit Process and Manpower is atained through M-FinTech Platform.
Through M-FinTech Platform we ensure profitable and secured business solution with over 30% of ROI with greater efficiency & visibility.